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Professional Media for God's Kingdom

What Rampart Productions Does

A rampart can have different elements, including:

  1. Parapet - a block or wall for defense

  2. Crenellation - an opening in the parapet for offense

That describes the two-fold mission of Rampart Productions:

  1. We defend attacks against the truth of God's word, the Bible.  We expose the errors in the arguments against God's truth and the fallacies present in false doctrines and false religions.

  2. We go on the offense against false religious information that contradicts the Bible.  We teach and evangelize in order to show forth God's light and fight against the darkness of the devil's lies and man's falsehoods.

We do this by teaching truth through professional media (books, videos, Internet, etc.).

Who Rampart Productions Is

Rampart Productions is the idea of Kendal Rasnake and the late Phillip Vanwinkle.  Kendal holds a Master of Arts Degree in New Testament Studies from Amridge University located in Montgomery, Alabama.  He has taught the Bible regularly for congregations in California, Missouri, and Wisconsin.  He currently works as a Media Production Specialist and Instructional Designer/Developer for Truth For The World, a global, evangelism effort utilizing media and personal ministries.

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